Admissions Procedure

We are following a transparent admission policy. We look for students with positive attitude, who are interested in education and extra-curricular activities and who demonstrate good class room behavior. We are committed to ensure that our pupils can gain access to established universities around the country and world. Generally we look for children who show an academic aptitude and interest in learning at school. We set high academic expectation, but look to enhance the potential of each student.

Applications for admission must be made in the prescribed form and signed by the parent or guardian. Admission starts from March onwards. Application forms can be get from school office on any working day 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Along with the applications the following original certificates to be produced at the time of admission.

Admission Process

  • After the purchase of Application Form, students will be interviewed and admission will be granted based on interview only.
  • In order to apply for enrollment at the school, prospective parents must fill up the registration form available from admission office. .
  • Registration does not in any way guarantee admission. The school reserves the right to accept or reject any application for admission without justification.
  • The form must be filled in every aspect and returned to school within the time mentioned by the school office.
  • Admission of your child will mean complete acceptance by the guardians/ parents of all school rules. Rules regulations are subject to change at the direction of school authorities.

Important documents

Following documents must be enclosed with the duly filled admission form.

In case of lack of documents, the admission will be taken provisionally with the written commitment of parents to submit all required documents on particular date. The management has authority to cancel provisional admission if documents are not submitted.

  1. Original copy of transfers certificate
  2. Photocopy of the marks sheet
  3. Birth certificate ( photocopy)
  4. Caste certificate (Attested photocopy)

Age criteria

   Age    Class
   Nursery    2.5 Years
   JKG    3 Years
    SKG    4 Years
   Class I    5 Years
   Class II    6 Years
   Class III    7 Years
   Class IV    8 Years
   Class V    9 Years
    Class VI    10 Years
    Class VII    11 Years


  • Pupils for admission must be accompanied by both the parents of guardians who must by both the parents or guardians who sign the prescribed admission form and pledge themselves to adide by the rules and regulations of the school.

  • If a parent wished to withdraw of the child from the school, he should submit a written application to the Principal. Transfer certificate will be issued only if and when all the payments due to the school are made good. If a student is withdrawn in the middle of a term, the amount will not be repaid.

  • Pupils are liable to be suspended or dismissed with the Transfer Certificate at any time of the year if their conduct is detrimental to the discipline of the school.


  • The Student who discontinues during the academic year must pay the whole year fee.
  • Student who have arrears in payment of fees will not be permitted to appear for any examinations.
  • The entire amount of Fee must be paid during the time of Admission. Application for a Transfer Certificate must be made in writing to the H.M. by the Parent or Guardian of the student.
  • No Certificate of any kind will be given to students who have arrears in Fee payment.
  • Transfer Certificate is issued only at the payment of all the Fee.
  • Discontinued or Dismissed or failed students will not be given a promoted Transfer Certificate.

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